Our Teaching Methology

Right from the Nursery level, the tiny tots of the school enjoy various useful activities that enhance their motor skills, along with their academics.

Then at the primary level (class I to V) learning is fun because the syllabus is activity based. But even here, emphasis is upon spoken English to help the students gain confidence & prepare them for the challenges that lie after school.

The Middle school (class VI, VII & VIII) is when you child starts thinking about his/her future and needs maximum exposure to various fields in order about his options and find the ones he is interested in Dr. Rizvi Learners’ Academy helps shape the future of your child through a well-balanced timetable of academic and extracurricular activities.

And finally the senior school (Class IX, X, XI & XII) acquaints your child with the CBSE curriculum enriched with modern languages. It prepares them for the boards and at the same time, computer-aided learning and teaching further accentuates their career options.

The School Offers Two Streams:

  1. 1.   Commerce
  2. 2.   Science


Main Subjects -

English, Business Studies, Economics, Accountancy

Option Subjects -

Computer Science, Hindi, Mathematics


Main Subjects -

English, Physics, Chemistry, Bio/Maths

Option Subjects -

Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Maths, Hindi

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